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All-in-one sheet mask white 30B00SVAL9JM4560401460187

All-in-one sheet mask moist white version of. Placenta extract EX 50% compounded, to thick to clarity moisture with a soft domestic Pure cotton-filled skin. First preservative-free in the large capacity mask also realized. 1 Placenta extract EX the Beginning 50%, moisture in carefully selected cosmetic ingredients plenty 600g! Main ingredient ... three Brightening component (nano white, placenta extract, vitamin C derivative) dull prone skin for moisturizing transparent skin I will bring a sense of transparency. * Essence base 2 thick domestic Pure cotton sheet which has been subjected to mesh processing! Dullness tend to dry skin in order to concentrate pack, a typical thick domestic Pure cotton sheet that unusual of 60g / m as a large capacity mask adoption. (Ehime production plant) in a sheet with a fluffy feeling woven of water force in applying the mesh working and improving the adhesion to the skin. It is a high-grade sheet that not be a typical large-capacity mask. 3 Because of the high degree of penetration to the skin than the challenge! Finally realize the preservative free! Sheet mask is simply applied to the ultra-low-stimulated, was a big challenge is how to reduce the strong preservative to the stimulus. Was overlaid with Quality First aims to stabilize the product only in the antimicrobial effect of cosmetic ingredients research, it has been achieved will be the first preservative-free in the last large capacity mask.

30 sheets all-in-one sheet mask white NPUCAPGWX

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