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The high-concentrated formulation powerfully improves your skin brighter and softerThe CNP Milk Toning Peel Program keeps with moisture and healthy giving balanceThe CNP Milk Toning Peel Program keeps with moisture and healthy giving balanceThis concentrated formulation maintains bright skin tone and soften skin.Make your skin beautifully bright and smooth with the Milky Toning Peel Program.

*Features Just 1 Minute! More quickly and easily, 1Min. Home care, Just 1 Minute, one-time use alone is like having received expert care can experience amazing effects. One time Finishing Toning & Peel Transparent and cleanse the skin and inside the skin elasticity and tangle of solid and moisturizing. Toning Milk Peel all you need to do is wash out after one minute rubbing the dazzling brilliance of the milk skin finished. Professional skin clinical evaluation Institute of skin irritation testing is complete, the product can be used with confidence. *Contains plant extracts Latic Acid, AHA, BHA, Next generation PHA etc. *How to use Except for the eyes and the mouth the forehead to cheek sequence t-zone, apply the entire face. Wait for 1 minute to 1minute 30seconds. Lukewarm water is washed out any residue Milk toning Mask pack attach on the whole face and then peel off the mask after 15 minutes. *When you use the Toning Milk Peel, tingling, hot red, and this may occur with water rinse is validated symptoms disappear minutes to penetrate the sphere in the process can occur naturally, as you can use with confidence. *What’s in the box (Milk Toning Peel 3.5ml*4pcs, Milk Toning Mask 25ml*4pcs, Silicon brush*1pcs) * 1pcs

All New Skin Rejuvenating Program CNP DOCTORAY Milk Toning Peel Home Care XBFDAGPLW

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