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What it is : A new type of skincare that helps maximize its use and effectiveness by mixing the ampule with the skincare lotion/cream you are currently using. Mixing your lotion, cream and our ampule helps create your very own skincare There are 6 kinds to choose from to cover a wide range of skin troublesWhat it is for : The Clarifying Ampule is made with papaya extract and PHA ingredient to soften and clean the sebum and impurities from the skin to create smooth and polished skinCoix lacryma-jobi seed extract also helps to cleanse your skin into brighter skin and removes any leftover sebumHow to Use : Squeeze an appropriate amount out and mix it with your daily skincare lotion, creamDo a patch test for signs of redness and/or irritation before use. Volume: 0.34 oz, Manufactured in Korea

Ampulogy Edition 01 Release

The high-performance ampule that was used only in professional aesthetic services was released as the first edition of Ampulogy, which substantially upgrades the skin care at home through easy and simple steps.

Brand Story

Ampulogy is a customized ampule brand developed to provide tailor-made skin care programs for expensive skin care rooms, professional esthetics, etc., depending on different skin characteristics and changes of people.

How to use Ampulogy

  1. Take the usual amount of cosmetics to the back of your hand, drop a few drops of the ampulogy on top of it. Mix well before applying on your face.
  2. Pour your favorite Ampulogy into your skincare product case(cream, toner, lotion, essence, etc.) Now you don't have to drop and mix every time you use.
  3. Immediately after cleansing, spread 2-5 drops of Ampulogy on face and tap on it several time. It absorbs very fast. Cover the face with extra-moisturizing product.
  4. Place Ampulogy and your wanted skin care product in a travel bottle to your preferences and mix!

AMPULOGY Clarifying Ampule Mix Korean Essence Facial Serum Skin Care Cosmetics 0.34 FL.OZ WNFUPWDUI

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